People playing tennis on one of several courts built using Flex Courts premium tiles.

Tennis Courts

KCR Entreprises has a wealth of experience building tennis courts as well as courts for tennis-like sports, such as pickleball and paddle tennis. Our tennis court projects range from single courts to massive multi-court projects for home owners, home owner associations, parks, recreational facilities, tennis clubs and more. At KCR enterprises we build our courts using the highest quality products, which is why we use the low-maintenance, fast drying tiles from Flex Court. This surface is classified as a category 5 fast surface by the ITF. While the court surface is without doubt one of the most important and costliest parts of a tennis court, our courts can also include the netting, ball containment, lighting and more.

Traditional tennis courts can require a certain level of maintenance depending on the court surface: from daily maintenance such as cleaning off debris, raking, and watering to the less frequent crack filling, repainting, resurfacing, and, depending on location and court type, winterization.

Tennis CourtsWhen we say our tennis courts are low maintenance, we mean it. Say goodbye to the time consuming and expensive maintenance required with traditional tennis courts. The only regular maintenance required of the surface is a simple cleaning with a leaf blower. Should the worst occur, and part of our court break, it’s a quick and easy replacement of the damaged tiles. Thanks the the UV protected tiles, the colors will stay vibrant for years. Tennis courts built using the Flex Court tiles have a 25+ year life expectancy and the tiles are backed by a 16 year warranty.

Thanks to the Flex Court tiles we use in our tennis court construction,  the courts we build have less downtime. In addition to being closed for maintenance and renovation less often, rain water flows out easily and dries out faster then most other tennis courts, meaning you can play a match minutes after the rain stops.


Temperature also has less of an effect on the courts we build using the Flex Court tiles. You can expect lower surface temperature compared to traditional courts, letting you play for longer. The tiles we use also have a unique locking system, designed with expansion in mind. This means that temperature changes don’t cause buckling, like other court tiles, making them ideal for multiple court setups.

We are also proud to be able to build 10andUnder tennis courts. 10andUnder tennis is a program where young children that are taught to play tennis with smaller sized rackets, low compression balls, lower netting and reduced size tennis courts. These tools are necessary for kids that want to play the sport, giving them the opportunity to play the game at a slower pace on a smaller court. To accommodate their needs, we offer tennis courts with blended lines.

Design your tennis court with our court designer, or contact us to get started with your tennis court project.