A multi-sport court featuring volleyball and basketball courts

Multi-Game Courts

Multi-game courts are an ideal solution for when you want to be able to play several different sports, but have limited space and/or budget, and can’t install multiple dedicated courts. If you do have the room and the budget, multiple multi-sport courts can still be a great solution as it prevents people from waiting for a specific type of court to open up. At KCR Enterprises LLC, we can build a wide range of multi-game courts to accommodate a number of sports as well as dedicated athletic courts.

Half Court Basketball mutli-game courtBasketball half-courts are the most commonly asked for features on our multi-sport courts, and full sized basketball courts can easily be combined with a tennis court along with a range of other sports. We even have customers asking for half-courts and full-sized basketball courts combined, to allow either some quick pick up games, or more serious competition.

Tennis court and basketball courtThere are a number of racket sports that we get asked to include in our multi-game courts. Pickleball, paddle tennis, badminton are some of the more popular sports on the smaller courts, and tennis is one of the biggest sellers in the larger court sizes. Sometimes we even get asked for multiple racket sports and we can easily accommodate these requests.

In addition to basketball and racket sports, we often get asked to include lines for volleyball, shuffleboard, roller hockey and many other sports. We occasionally get asked to include lines for children’s games such as hopscotch. Thanks to the premium Flex Court products that we use, we can offer courts for just about any sport.¬†We also offer a range of court accessories such as hoops, nets, lights and ball containment to help complete your multi-game courts.

There are many reasons why we choose to use the Flex Court surfaces in our court construction. The quick-drying tiles provide better traction than traditional surfaces, and also help minimize impact strain, reducing injuries and letting you play for longer. They also provide a consistent ball bounce across a range of sports, and makes a great surface for inline skates.

They are also low maintenance, needing only a quick leaf-blowing as required. No crack repairs, or re-coating every few years. The colors stay vibrant for years with the built in UV protection, and the tiles are covered by a 16 year warranty, though they often last well over 25 years.

To find out more about our multi-game courts, contact us. You can also see some of our more popular multi-game courts in our court designer.