Before and After picture of a tennis court

Court Resurfacing

tennis court before

Does your court have cracks or bird baths? Is the paint faded away? Live in Colorado?¬†When it’s time to resurface your court, KCR Enterprises should be the first company you call. We offer long lasting, low maintenance basketball and tennis court resurfacing using high quality tiles from Flex Court.

The Flex Court tiles offer exceptional traction, uniform ball bounce, and are fast drying. They are ideally suited for a wide range of sports such as basketball, tennis, roller hockey, volleyball and more. We also carry a full range of accessories in case your hoops and nets are as tired and worn as your courts.

With KCR Enterprises, basketball and tennis court resurfacing doesn’t have to mean weeks without your court. Thanks to the Flex Court tiles we use, you can be playing on the court in just a few days, and in many cases is less expensive than demolishing an existing court, and building a new one.

tennis court afterWith a 16 year warranty and 20+ year life expectancy, you can be playing on the court for years to come without having to worry about things like crack repairs, watering, raking, re-coating, or any other regular maintenance that a traditional court would require. The tiles are also fade resistant, with built in UV protection to keep the colors vibrant for years. It will be years before you need to think about another court resurfacing, and in the meantime, you can forget about the yearly maintenance headaches.

While you are resurfacing your court, get more out of the space you have and ask about our different multi-game, or conversion options. Maybe you want to add a badminton court to your basketball court, or convert a tennis court into 4 pickleball courts, or want to update your tennis courts to handle 10andUnder tennis. KCR Enterprises can handle many types of tennis court resurfacing and court conversion jobs, so contact us today to get more information.