Kids Playing Basketball on a black and yellow basketball court

Basketball Courts

At KCR Enterprises LLC, we dedicate ourselves to designing and building high quality, low-maintenance basketball courts in the state of Colorado. We’ve put together countless basketball courts over the years for homes, parks, businesses, home owner associations, schools, and more. From 20×25 backyard basketball courts to official NBA size courts, we can build a wide range of basketball court sizes limited only by your available space. We also offer a full range of accessories such as hoops, lights and ball containment options to help you get the best basketball court on the block.

backyard basketball court

With up to 18 colors to choose from you can theme your court in your favorite colors, after your favorite team or with your company colors. The UV protection built into the tiles keep the colors looking vibrant for years. Speaking of favorite teams and company colors, we can add custom logos, from your company logo to your favorite team, anywhere on the court. Have fun designing your court with our court designer and have even more fun playing on it.

Basketball Court SurfaceWhat separates our basketball courts from the competition is the top quality tiles we use from Flex Court Athletics. The hard surface of standard outdoor basketball courts made of paving material, like asphalt, can cause joint pains over long periods of play. The tiles from Flex Court are designed to absorb impact, reducing the stress at the knees as well as preventing fatigue.

Flex Court’s tiles are low maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning, have a 25 year average lifespan and come with a 16 year warranty. Unlike other tile surfaces, these tiles don’t buckle or break with temperature changes, making them ideal for large multi-court projects.

With the quality products we offer and our court construction experience, we are Colorado’s top choice for basketball courts. Contact us today for a free quote!